Castle Pub by ViVÁ

On December 14, 2017, Exeter Township abruptly evicted JMH, Inc. from its operations of the Castle Pub Restaurant & Bar by ViVÁ, Reading Country Club Banquet Facilities, and Corporate  Offices leased from Exeter Township at the Reading Country Club.

JMH has always had valid authorization from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to dispense alcoholic beverages at the Reading Country Club.  JMH’s current authorization to dispense alcohol at the Reading Country Club expires January 8, 2018.

However, Exeter took the position that JMH was required to obtain a separate liquor license by a certain date.  Exeter threatened to evict JMH and accelerate the remaining rent payments against JMH based on this claimed default.  JMH believed Exeter’s position was without merit and not supported by the terms of the lease.  Therefore, to avoid unnecessary disruption to JMH’s business and to the residents of Berks County it served, JMH filed a lawsuit against Exeter in the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, Pennsylvania on November 16, 2017.  JMH asked the Court to declare JMH was not in default or breach of the lease and asserted claims for Exeter’s breaches of the lease agreement.  JMH, Inc. v. Exeter Township, No. 17-20086 (Berks County).

JMH plans to prosecute its claims, and defend the lawsuit filed by JMH, vigorously, and we look forward to filing our response to Exeter’s complaint and presenting the complete facts of this matter at trial.  As described in its complaint, JMH vehemently denies it is in breach of the lease and further denies the allegations in the confession complaint filed by Exeter.  However, as a result of Exeter’s actions, we have been locked out of the Reading Country Club and, as a result, can no longer continue our operations at Fields Kitchen + Bar in Wyomissing Square and at the Green Valley Chateau in Sinking Spring. Both Fields Kitchen + Bar and the Green Valley Chateau will be closing after Saturday, December 23rd, 2017.

Rather than allowing JMH’s lawsuit to proceed and permitting the Court to resolve the matters in dispute in an orderly fashion, Exeter initiated its separate, and subsequent, lawsuit and chose to evict JMH.  We are disappointed that Exeter is using taxpayer dollars to fund a litigation strategy that we believe is contrary to established landlord-tenant law in Pennsylvania and harms the citizens of Berks County.

Castle Pub by ViVÁ
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